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Another mention for the campaign!

The campaign was featured in an article on the Disability News Service website today. Many thanks to the author, John Pring for including us.

In his article, he quotes from a DWP spokesman who says; “Access to Work keeps all policies under review and we continue to work with disabled people and their organisations in order to ensure the scheme works effectively, making refinements where necessary”.

This campaign has shown us that people aren’t happy and their needs aren’t being met…. Let’s hope “refinements” happen…


The Story So Far – Anonymous Interpreters Blog

We are very grateful to Jen Smith for allowing us to post on her site. Read our story so far on the Anonymous Interpreters blog.

Our letter to the petitions addresses (Sir Malcolm Bruce & Iain Duncan Smith) will be posted on this site very soon. Keep checking back to find out more!…

As ever, thank you for your continued support!

Please share again on Facebook!

This time two weeks ago it seemed that everyone had a little red & black campaign link on their Facebook page, sharing it with all their friends and family… Numbers rocketed. Don’t stop now! We are really starting to see some action. Let’s see some more!

Please post on Facebook again. We still need more supporters!

Thank you!

A big thank you to our supporters on Twitter!

The campaign is going well and with numbers, we are starting to see action. We just wanted to say a quick thank you to the following people for their continuous support on Twitter:

@deafpower, @Limping_Chicken, @ActionDeafness, @DeafAction, @DeafPositivesUK, @DeafPosAction, @RavensOfLondon, @demindblower, @terptree, @KFIG_BSL, @Durham_PA, @WNSNews.

It really is appreciated. We’ve had lots of support, but still need more! Please continue to RT and help spread the campaign…. Keep signing! Keep sharing!

Thank you!

4,000 – we’re starting to have an impact… Let’s keep it going!


We’ve hit 4,000… Let’s not stop there! Please continue to sign and share – you can use the email template to inform your friends, family, and work colleagues, or use the MP template to contact your MP. Your support so far has been amazing. Thank you!

Don’t forget this is YOUR campaign.

We have been receiving messages from you: expressing your support but also to tell us about your experiences and your concerns with AtW. We will be using all this information to represent your views whenever we contact Ministers. Please keep telling us about what matters to you.

We are writing to both Sir Malcolm Bruce and Iain Duncan Smith to explain why we set up this campaign and express our concerns. We will keep you informed of any response we receive. We have also been busy contacting blog sites and trying to get more awareness for the campaign.

Keep signing! Keep sharing!

Thank you!

Campaign Update.

What an amazing few hours. We woke up to find we had 3770 supporters, we then read from Jen Dodds about why we should support each other and the campaign, and finally we find out that Malcolm Bruce is raising AtW with the Minister!

The Limping Chicken has all the news, if you’d like to read more about it.

This is all possible because of YOU! This is YOUR campaign.

Please continue to sign and share with as many people as you can. We have added a template for you to make this easy; just copy, paste, and send! – it can be found on the template email page of this website.

You are having a huge impact and we are starting to see some action.

Thank you!

Pardon? Access to Communication for All – Response.

This is a response to the blog posting “Nothing about us without us“, criticising our campaign. The information on this blog is incorrect, so we felt some things needed to be clarified. This campaign isn’t about “payments to communication professionals”. It is about deaf BSL users being given the choice and flexibility to chose the most appropriate interpreting support to meet their needs.

There are a group of individuals involved in the “Stop changes to Access to Work” campaign; a mixture of deaf professionals and interpreters, not just a single person.

The reason the campaign is focusing on BSL users is because they are being told by AtW to start recruiting a permanent interpreter and stop using freelance support. This is happening to this specific group of deaf people who are allocated 30 hours of AtW a week, and it is happening now. We want to focus on the lack of consultation about this new development. We are well aware of other issues, but felt that something needed to be done urgently to support this group. The AtW complaints system is reliant on written English and is therefore not accessible to many BSL users.

It is not this campaigns intention to exclude anyone. We fully advocate access for all. This is a specific, single issue campaign. We would hope that everyone can be supportive of this campaign and should others wish to run parallel campaigns regarding AtW we will be more than happy to offer our full support.

This campaign is about raising awareness of the issue.

The Limping Chicken blog about us!

Dear Supporters

The Limping Chicken have written a blog about the campaign. Click here to read it. A big thank you to Andy Palmer for showing an interest, and writing it.

People keep asking why we have addressed the campaign to Sir Malcolm Bruce? We have done this because we wanted him to see the level of support for this issue. People are worried about their ability to get the support they need to work and progress. The campaign is also addressed to Iain Duncan Smith. He is the Work and Pensions Secretary. He is responsible for the whole of DWP, including Access to Work. It is important that he is made aware of people not getting the support they need as if people can’t get, keep and progress in work, they will end up on benefits. He is ultimately responsible for both areas.

Iain Duncan Smith has been noted for saying that it is cheaper to have people in work rather than out, so let’s hope he will support us!

Thank you.

MP template letter added!

Dear Supporters

We have added a new page to this website that has a template letter on it for you to copy, paste and email to your local MP.

Don’t know who your local MP is? Don’t worry! We’ve added a link. Simply click on it and it will take you to the Parliament website. Just type your postcode into the box and it will tell you who your local MP is.

Don’t forget to write your MPs name at the top, and add your name at the bottom.

Thank you!

Dear Supporters

Thank you for signing the 38 degrees campaign to “Stop Changes to Access to Work”.

We’ve had a great response… But we still need more signatures! The more people that support this campaign, the more impact it will have. Please share with as many of your friends and family as possible and ask them to support us.

This is a really important cause, If you’re not familiar with the details, here is some more information: AtW incurs no cost to the taxpayer. The income received in tax and NI from both the disabled person and their support worker exceeds the amount being spent. There is no justification for the changes being implemented.

 The problem:

  •  Deaf people receiving 30 hours AtW support or more are being forced to employ a salaried interpreter, regardless of whether thats appropriate or even workable.
  • Deaf peoples are losing the right to decide how to manage their professional needs.
  • These changes will severely impact on Deaf people’s employability. But AtW havent even consulted with the Deaf community or interpreters.

We will be writing to Sir Malcolm Bruce; Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness, and Iain Duncan Smith; to explain why the changes are unreasonable and unworkable. As the campaign gets bigger, we would like to invite some representatives of the deaf and interpreting communities to meet them and present our petition.

What we are asking for?:

  • A consultation open to all Deaf BSL users.
  • The right to access appropriate support, with the flexibility to meet the demands of their work.

Deaf people need the flexibility to meet the demands of their work. They are the experts in their own access needs!

Thank you for your continued support!

Emily Smith

P.s. To receive updates on the campaign, please follow us on Twitter: @emilysmith2007, or “like” our Facebook page: Stop Changes to Access to Work.

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