Dear Supporters

Thank you for signing the 38 degrees campaign to “Stop Changes to Access to Work”.

We’ve had a great response… But we still need more signatures! The more people that support this campaign, the more impact it will have. Please share with as many of your friends and family as possible and ask them to support us.

This is a really important cause, If you’re not familiar with the details, here is some more information: AtW incurs no cost to the taxpayer. The income received in tax and NI from both the disabled person and their support worker exceeds the amount being spent. There is no justification for the changes being implemented.

 The problem:

  •  Deaf people receiving 30 hours AtW support or more are being forced to employ a salaried interpreter, regardless of whether thats appropriate or even workable.
  • Deaf peoples are losing the right to decide how to manage their professional needs.
  • These changes will severely impact on Deaf people’s employability. But AtW havent even consulted with the Deaf community or interpreters.

We will be writing to Sir Malcolm Bruce; Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness, and Iain Duncan Smith; to explain why the changes are unreasonable and unworkable. As the campaign gets bigger, we would like to invite some representatives of the deaf and interpreting communities to meet them and present our petition.

What we are asking for?:

  • A consultation open to all Deaf BSL users.
  • The right to access appropriate support, with the flexibility to meet the demands of their work.

Deaf people need the flexibility to meet the demands of their work. They are the experts in their own access needs!

Thank you for your continued support!

Emily Smith

P.s. To receive updates on the campaign, please follow us on Twitter: @emilysmith2007, or “like” our Facebook page: Stop Changes to Access to Work.

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