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Dear Supporters

The Limping Chicken have written a blog about the campaign. Click here to read it. A big thank you to Andy Palmer for showing an interest, and writing it.

People keep asking why we have addressed the campaign to Sir Malcolm Bruce? We have done this because we wanted him to see the level of support for this issue. People are worried about their ability to get the support they need to work and progress. The campaign is also addressed to Iain Duncan Smith. He is the Work and Pensions Secretary. He is responsible for the whole of DWP, including Access to Work. It is important that he is made aware of people not getting the support they need as if people can’t get, keep and progress in work, they will end up on benefits. He is ultimately responsible for both areas.

Iain Duncan Smith has been noted for saying that it is cheaper to have people in work rather than out, so let’s hope he will support us!

Thank you.

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  1. We do see the value in a “on-the-street” protest, however, the first step should always be trying to engage. Sometimes all that is needed is a conversation. Although we don’t feel this is the case on this particular issue, we still have to give MPs the opportunity to respond to our concerns.

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