4,000 – we’re starting to have an impact… Let’s keep it going!



We’ve hit 4,000… Let’s not stop there! Please continue to sign and share – you can use the email template to inform your friends, family, and work colleagues, or use the MP template to contact your MP. Your support so far has been amazing. Thank you!

Don’t forget this is YOUR campaign.

We have been receiving messages from you: expressing your support but also to tell us about your experiences and your concerns with AtW. We will be using all this information to represent your views whenever we contact Ministers. Please keep telling us about what matters to you.

We are writing to both Sir Malcolm Bruce and Iain Duncan Smith to explain why we set up this campaign and express our concerns. We will keep you informed of any response we receive. We have also been busy contacting blog sites and trying to get more awareness for the campaign.

Keep signing! Keep sharing!

Thank you!

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