Government announcement on extending AtW is not what it seems…

The government has announced that it is extending Access to Work. Read it here.

On the face of it this sounds great doesn’t it? Extending the Access to Work program to include work experience and apprenticeships. Who could disapprove of that? …What this article doesn’t tell you, is that the government are cutting the grants of people already in work too.

Access to work doesn’t incur any cost the exchequer. This is due to people that are earning a wage (I.e the disabled people themselves and their support workers), apprenticeship and work experience are not salaried. This will therefore incur a cost to the system that is presently cost neutral.

This campaign was set up in response to the 30 hour rule, that forces people to employ support that doesn’t meet their employment needs. Deaf people will become unemployable, as for every one deaf person doing a job, the employer would have to employ two members of staff. It is creating a huge barrier to work. People already in work risk losing their jobs as they are unable to carry out the roles for which they were employed.

It is pointless getting people on apprenticeship and work experience schemes if, at the end, they are unable to gain employment due to the costs faced by employers to fund their support. We are doing everything that we can, but we need your support.

What can you do?

1. Write to your local MP using our template letter, or even better, write your own letter explaining why this change is wrong.

2. Get everyone you know to sign up to the campaign! This will affect everyone. Other AtW users, as well as anyone that pays tax – the new system could potentially force people out of work and on to benefits!

3. Get everyone you know to sign up to the campaign… Yes, we’ve already said that… We’re saying it again because it’s so important! Numbers put pressure on MPs and organisations to take action. Let’s get the numbers of this petition up!

Sign and share!

Reminder: If you are having any difficulties with AtW there is a fantastic resource available to help you complain:

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