Access to Work article – Limping Chicken.

This morning I read Ian Noon’s article on Limping Chicken about his problems with AtW. Read it here. In it he describes his situation, saying:

I just want to do my job. I am tired of having to fight endless battles with faceless bureaucrats.

He also highlights another issue, which we are concerned about; that is peoples ability to complain. People often don’t feel confident enough, or are scared that what little support they are receiving will get taken away.

There is a brilliant resource available to help you complain about Access to Work: It has sample letters to help you and also explains clearly what you need to do.

A moment ago, I spotted the following tweet from @DWPgovuk:

Is your job at risk? Here is some useful advice from Money Advice Service on managing your money

We know several people who’s jobs are being put at risk, not by their employer… by Access to Work’s guidance!

Help us challenge this.

We need as much support as possible to help us with this campaign. If you haven’t yet signed, please do!

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