DWP using “reconsideration” to drive down appeals.

We were very interested to read this post on the ilegal website this morning:


Access to Work users will be familiar with the “reconsideration” process. We are aware of countless cases of Deaf people asking for reconsideration, yet nothing gets changed and it often feels that little reconsideration has been given. What is the point of it then?

The reconsideration process is there to drive down the number of appeals that the DWP are having to deal with.

This is why it is essential that we all use the process and don’t give up half way through, as that’s what the DWP are hoping for! Please don’t accept support that is inadequate and doesn’t meet your need. You can use the http://www.deafatw.com resource to help you challenge the support package you are being offered.

If you are going to the BDA deaf lobby day, you may want to raise the issue of reconsideration with your MP.

The Stop Changes to Access to Work campaign is working hard to get Access to Work issues raised. Tell us your experiences of AtW. You can either post on our Facebook page, tweet us, or email us. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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