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30 Hour Rule suspended – pending review.


Work & Pensions Select Committee – Access to Work Inquiry


This morning it was announced that there will be an inquiry into Access to Work by the Work and Pensions Select Committee. For full details look here. As the website explains…

The Committee is particularly interested in:

The AtW application and assessment processes, from the perspectives of employees and employers;

The adequacy of ongoing support, both in terms of the aids, adaptations and support workers provided through AtW, and the help and advice offered by DWP;

The effectiveness of AtW in supporting people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities;

AtW’s effectiveness in terms of helping disabled people to:

Secure a job;

Stay in employment; and

Develop their careers; and

The steps taken so far by DWP to extend AtW, including its marketing and funding of the scheme.

Submissions do not need to address all of these points.

The Stop Changes to AtW group would encourage anyone affected by AtW to make a submission.

Please check our website for more information soon.

Magic + the DWP – the power of distraction!

I bet you’re thinking “why are they showing magic tricks”?!

We haven’t gone completely mad! We just wanted to show you how easy it is to get distracted from something. A magician relies on this for any magic trick to work.

This week there has been a lot written about Deaf people and interpreters – it is all very inflammatory and is completely distracting peoples attention away from what’s really going on. Just like in the coin trick… Whilst you’re busy trying to understand what is being said, something is disappearing beneath your very eyes!

In our case, at the moment Deaf people and interpreters are so busy talking about the problems they may have with each other, that they aren’t noticing the DWP removing all our rights. It’s exactly what they want to happen!

The next time you start having these conversations…

Remember the coin trick!