Fighting fund – Stop Changes to take DWP to court!


The Stop Changes to AtW Campaign have been working with an individual on taking their AtW case to court. A pre-proceedings letter has already been sent to the DWP and the case is ready to go to judicial review.

Leigh Day, the law firm who successfully stopped the closure of Lewisham Hospitals A&E, are the company representing us. They are doing everything they can to ensure we don’t become liable to pay tens of thousands of pounds, but can’t stop all costs. The individual who is taking the case for us, would be liable to pay £2-5K if this case is lost. They cannot be expected to pay this themselves when taking the case will have a benefit to so many.

We need to fund raise urgently to show the courts we have the money needed. Should the case be won, any money collected will be used to further the campaign (everything we’ve achieved to date has been done on zero funds) or alternatively, a donation will be made to a suitable charity.

A bank account is being set up specifically for this and will be used to ensure transparency. A Just Giving account will be used to collect donations. Fund raising will begin on Monday. Keep a look out for your email from Emily Smith via 38 degrees or links on social media.

Thank you!

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  1. Please stop cut for ATW for interpreter and all deaf people need ATW for work and please please 👏stop change ATW no !
    All deaf ppls need ATW for work and etc x my husband work collages he need ATW for interpreter
    Thank you Janet

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