A message from DeatAtW: “Complain to PHSO”!

The PHSO have now accepted several complaints for investigation from Deaf AtW users and interpreters (I know because I’ve been supporting them). This is brilliant news. But more of you need to join them, both to have a wider impact and to sort things out for yourselves (remember the Select Committee).

If you, or a colleague or customer is an AtW user who:
– is self-employed or who works for their own limited company, and has had AtW support stopped (currently a new and increasing problem),
– has had support hours cut,
– has a rate per hour that is not enough to book communication support,
– has been provided with CSW hours instead of interpreter hours,
etc. etc. etc.
– and have tried but not succeeded in getting a reconsideration and/or complaining, then NOW is the time to complain to the PHSO.

Just go to http://www.deafatw.com/phso.html, and use the contact box there, or email me directly. And I’ll send you more detailed guidance for AtW users on if and how you can complain.

It’s QUICK and EASY ! Really.

Interpreters – if you are OWED MONEY BY AtW, and haven’t been able to sort it out, stop mucking about and complain to the PHSO!

Again, contact me and I’ll send you guidance for interpreters on how to complain, what to include etc.

Lastly, people keep telling me they don’t know what’s happening with AtW. So, sign up here –


and you’ll be up to date with information relevant to you and your customers.

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