Support for DPAC after devastating blow by High Court.

Stop Changes would like to offer a message of support to DPAC campaigners after a devastating blow was struck by the high court today.

Read about the Independent Living fund closure and today’s ruling here.

Why is this case important to Stop Changes?

We have seen how an unlawful decision has not done anything to change the governments mind about closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF). We are attempting to take a case to judicial review as we believe the government have acted unlawfully in the way they have administered Access to Work. We need to look at what is happening with the ILF and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

DPAC will undoubtedly be even more determined to fight on and have the full support of Stop Changes.

What is happening with the ILF is important to everyone. It is about what we want our society to look like. It is about you. It is about me. We all need to get behind this campaign.

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