DWP on verge of repeating AtW mistakes.

NUBSLI, the National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters met with the DWP yesterday and can report that the DWP, instead of listening to the concerns and recommendations made by the Work & Pension Select Committed, seem about to repeat these very mistakes again.

It is clear that the DWP will contract ATW services using the framework agreement. What does this mean?

– No choice and control.
– No safeguarding (as subcontracted services do not have to adhere to providing NRCPD or registered RSLI/TSLIs)
– Caps to interpreter fees should you not wish to use the framework agreement etc.

Lessons have not been learnt from the past eighteen months.

There has been no consultation with the Deaf community. Again.
There has been no consultation with interpreters. Again.

Deaf BSL users are being represented by four organisations: BDA, NDCS, AOHL and Signature. One of these organisations has already registered an interest in tendering as a business, yet are still be used to ‘advise’ the DWP.

Where is the consultation with Deaf people and interpreters?

What can you do?

Contact the BDA and ask for a membership consultation.
Contact ASLI and ask for a membership consultation.
Contact VLP and ask for a membership consultation.
Write to your local MP and ask for their support.
Write to Mark Harper MP.

What are we doing?

We have raised this issue with supportive MPs and are working closely with our friends in NUBSLI.

We will be meeting with Leigh Day and will ask for advise over the consultation process and whether this has been adhered to.

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  1. We already know Capita have the contract for MOJ and are sending in unqualified language interpreters into courts, police stations ETC, likewise Capita through ALS are doing the same, now with DWP, A2W, MOJ all using Capita and ALS, disgusting!

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