Jenny Sealey’s concerns over the National Framework Agreement.

Graeae Theatre Director & Stop Changes campaign spokesperson, Jenny Sealey has expressed her concern over the new national framework for interpreting that is being looked at by the DWP to provide AtW interpreters, saying “at the moment the framework is vague, and yes, I’m concerned”.

She asks us to “come together, to support our interpreters, to support the Deaf community and to support the new generation…”.

The framework would undoubtedly reduce interpreting standards as the government look to drive down costs. We have seen the consequences that a framework has by lowering of interpreters fees, terms and conditions from the ministry of justice example.

The national framework agreement for interpreting is of huge concern to us at Stop Changes, as we fear the repetition of the recent 30 hour rule situation. The DWP explained that AtW users not wishing to use an interpreter would be given a reduced budget at the equivalent rate. This mirrors the 30 hour rule, where customers would only receive the capped rate of £18.19 per hour if they refused to employ full time support.

Along with ourselves, the National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters (NUBSLI), have said they oppose the framework. This also appears to be the stance of the BDA (see their announcement here).

Jenny urges us all to support NUBSLI, explaining “we have to fight, we have to challenge the government”.

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