Mark Harper’s handling of AtW criticised by Work & Pensions Select Committee Chair, Dame Anne Begg. 

Letters have been made public between the Minister of Disabled People, Mark Harper and the Chair of the Work & Pensions Select Committee, Dame Anne Begg. 

The letter highlights the governments failure to respond to the Work & Pensions Select Committee report and the recommendations made following the damning inquiry into the Access to Work scheme. It also criticises the caps being placed on Deaf and disabled people under the new proposals.

Read the correspondence below or via this link:,%20March%202015.pdf



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  1. This is a prime example of the increasing lack of courtesy, even breaching Equality laws, by ruling governments towards common-sense proposals by Select Committees on people’s behalf.

    It is sickening to see an increasing trait “…..value for the taxpayer” whilst this and previous Governments have already wasted billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on expensive and inefficient projects.
    At the same time, Mark Harper’s letter omits to recognise the benefits of safe and efficient social inclusion of employed deaf/disabled workers in the workplace throughout the UK. We deaf/disabled people at work PAY tax, rates and costs towards the government and local councils; the letter is procrastinating our efficient contribution towards society.

    Last but not least, the kindergarten-thinking stonewalling attitude by high places government officials towards fair ATW supported employment is putting at RISK the future careers of many young deaf/disabled people in an increasing hearing-orientated and cyber employment marketplace.

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