What YOU can do to help the Stop Changes To Access To Work campaign? 

You may have arrived at this page having read Jenny Sealey’s letter to the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/02/tories-not-listening-about-impact-of-welfare-cuts

Here’s what you can do to help: 

1.     Sign & share our petitionhttps://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-changes-to-access-to-work. We will be handing this is to whoever wins the next election. The more signatories, the greater the impact. 

2.     Follow us on Twitter (@emilysmith2007 #Stopchanges2AtW) or Facebook (STOP CHANGES TO ACCESS TO WORK), to get updates and find out what is happening with the campaign. 

3.     Raise the issue of Access to Work at any opportunity in the lead up to the election: hustings etc. What are the main parties doing to support Deaf and disabled people? 

4.      Pass on our details to any Deaf or disabled person you know that are experiencing problems with Access to Work. We have been working with the human rights law firm Leigh Day and will continue to do so, to ensure people’s legal rights are being defended. 

5.      Challenge the ideological attack being made on Deaf and disabled people.  These cuts to Access to Work are being made on hard working people, who just happen to have a disability.  We reject the language currently being used and the dipiction of Deaf and disabled people by the press.


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  1. As a person with a chronic illness I agree with the aims of this campaign wholeheartedly, but why use the divisive language of the Tories – ‘scroungers and benefit fraudsters’? Very off-putting.

    • The post has been misunderstood as we were challenging these terms. They were included to highlight our disagreement! We absolutely reject this language and the false claims being made by the Tory press.

      Thank you for highlighting the point as our writing obviously wasn’t clear enough, we will amend the post.

      Best wishes.

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