Important message from DeafAtW. Please share! 


Please read this if you have complained to the PHSO, or you know someone who has.

DeafATW has just been told that AtW are contacting people who have complained the the PHSO, and we thought it important we share this information with you quickly.  

When you complain to PHSO, they tell AtW what you are complaining about and ask for information about your case.

Some Deaf people have said that after the PHSO contacted AtW, AtW contacted them offering to resolve their complaint by paying money that is owed and saying sorry. 

If this happens to you, and you accept AtW’s offer to resolve your complaint,  AtW may tell the PHSO that they should stop their investigation.

AtW may want to stop the PHSO investigating your complaint, because the PHSO will make public thethings that AtW have done wrong, and will tell them what they need to do to put it right.

If the PHSO don’t finish investigating your complaint, AtW might not make changes to stop these problems happening to you, or other people, again. 

Of course, it is up to you what you want to do if AtW contact you, but DeafATW’s suggestion is:

1)  If AtW contact you offering to investigate and resolve your complaint, reply to AtW saying that you want PHSO to finish their investigation.

2)  If AtW offer to pay back money they owe you, then you can say “yes please, pay back money that is owed”, but that you consider the complaint unresolved until the PHSO have finished their investigation.

3)  Send AtW’s email and your reply to the PHSO.

If you have any questions, contact me through

Darren (DeafATW)

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