NUBSLI’s response to the Daily Mail’s attack on interpreters

Below is NUBSLI‘s response to the Daily Mail article “£1million sign language fraudsters guilty of scamming taxpayer to fund luxury holidays including claims to work 21-hours-day” (5th June 2015) – we see this as an attack on Deaf BSL users as well as BSL/English interpreters.  We will not allow the government’s divisive tactics to work.

In yesterday’s article, the Daily Mail reported that two sign language interpreters had defrauded the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) via the Access to Work scheme.

The story misrepresents the hundreds of professionals who provide an essential service and take an average of seven years to train.

The National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters (NUBSLI) have checked the names of the individuals involved and can confirm that neither of the two individuals being charged were members. Whilst it is believed Angela Poole may have been registered as a British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreter, George Taylor was not.
Prior to any allegations of fraud being made, BSL/English Interpreters/translators have been calling for Access to Work to improve their processes and communicate how both professionals and Deaf people could safeguard against fraud. These concerns were raised due to the large numbers of unregulated agencies being used by the DWP. The DWPs failure to monitor agencies is clear. Whilst NUBSLI remain outraged by the behaviour of the two individuals involved, important questions need to be asked of the DWP.

The ‪#‎ScrapTheFramework‬ campaign was recently established to oppose the government’s bid to establish a national framework for interpreting and translating. The initial drafts of the framework did not provide adequate safeguarding or a requirement for interpreters to be registered. Agencies have the potential to use unqualified people and charge extortionate amounts whilst driving down the fees paid to properly regulated and qualified interpreters and translators.

The article in today’s Daily Mail was a direct attack on both BSL/English interpreters/translators and members of the Deaf community. With the government pushing ahead with caps and changes to the Access to Work scheme that will see Deaf and disabled people struggle to keep their jobs (for more information see:, and the Crown Commercial Services currently trying to establish a framework to drive down interpreters fees, the timing of this article is no coincidence.

NUBSLI will be meeting the new Minister in July to explain more about the BSL/English interpreting profession and the importance of only using registered fully qualified or trainee interpreters. They will also take the opportunity to remind the government that they too rely on BSL interpreters to fulfil their basic statutory duties to Deaf BSL users.

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