Get ready to march for access to work

Update about the AtW march, and how you can support us from home!
Are you ready to march for access to work on Saturday 26th September? Are you ready to tell the government to stop the changes?!

There are things you can do to support our campaign, whether you can make it to the march or not…

Don’t forget your placard!

We have some banners and placards to share with everyone, but if you want to bring your own, the more the merrier!

Your placard could say STOP CHANGES TO ACCESS TO WORK or STOP THE CUTS … or whatever you like!

Sign our petition!

If you haven’t signed our petition, please do! It’s here – – and we’re trying to get 20,000 signatures by Saturday, so please ask everyone you know to sign it too!


Our official hashtag is #stopchanges2atw so please use that when you tweet about the march, or about access to work! (We’re on Twitter as @stopchanges2atw)

Film crews…

If you’re coming on the march, please be aware that there will be at least 3 film crews there:

• Our own crew, provided by the lovely Ted Evans, so that we can have a record of the day.

• See Hear! Yay!

• Unfortunately, a crew from a programme called “Britain on the Fiddle” is coming. We’ve told them they are not welcome – it’s about benefit fraud, and is nothing to do with AtW. We can’t stop them, though. So, if someone wants to interview you, please be aware that you should check where they’re from. We don’t support this programme, but it’s your choice!

Finally… Our amazing speakers (and MC)!

We’re thrilled that John Walker has agreed to be MC for the rally after the march! We’re equally thrilled with our line-up of fantastic speakers (in BSL and English, with STTR captions):

Jenny Sealey (Stop Changes to AtW), Jane Aitchinson ( Unite the Resistance), Jeff McWhinney (former MD of Significan’t), Sean McGovern (TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee Co-Chair/Unite the Union), Tracey Lazard (Inclusion London), Dawn Marshall (Director, Becoming Visible), Ray Johnson (People First), Jen Smith (NUBSLI), Jane Cordell (Director, Result CIC), Roger Lewis (DPAC).

It’s going to be brilliant! See you there!

Meet at 12 noon at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3JY:


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