A message from Stop Changes To Access To Work

Transcript of video: 

Hello, my names Geraldine from Stop Changes To Access To Work. This is just a quick up date about what we’ve been doing up til now. I wanted to remind you, maybe you remember the March back in September, what a wonderful day that was, nearly 1,000 people marched – Deaf and disabled people, their friends and families, to tell the government to stop touching our Access to Work, to stop cutting our resources. 

Another positive thing has been people contacting us to ask for help and to look into judicial reviews for their AtW and we’ve been supporting those. We’ve also been working with other organisations. 

We have a survey out at the moment, a questionnaire and we are asking Deaf and disabled people to fill this in and tell us the good and bad things about Access to Work. Please fill this in, it will help us show Access to Work that there are still ongoing problems. 

We’ve been supporting and working with the national union of sign language interpreters (NUBSLI), who are campaigning against the national framework. That will affect us and the quality of interpreting resources available in the future. It is a worry. 

Really I want to finish off on a positive. I want to say it was brilliant to see so many people on the march, we wish you all a happy Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, all the best for the new year. Keep your eye on the campaign as there is still a lot more to do. Bye for now. 

Link for survey: https://stopchanges2atw.com/take-our-survey/

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