Access to Work don’t have set pay rates…. Really? 

Our friends at NUBSLI (National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters), have shared a recent response they have received to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request about the rates paid by Access to Work. 

NUBSLI are working hard to safeguard the rights of Deaf people to access qualified and skilled interpreters by ensuring interpreters’ pay, terms and conditions are protected. This will mean that BSL/English interpreting continues to be a sustainable career. As part of their work they have established a Freelance Fee Guidance

The FOI they sent to the Department of Work & Pensions was to ask about the fees paid to BSL/English interpreters and the last time these were reviewed. The response will be surprising to anyone who uses Acceess to Work support…

Access to Work does not have set pay rates for BSL/English interpreting and CSW support for Deaf and deafblind people. 


This has not been our experience of the service to date. We will be feeding this back to NUBSLI and asking them to keep us updated on this area of work. 

Please do let us know if this has been your experience by emailing us at: 
The full response can be read below.  


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