This campaign is being led by Deaf professionals with many years experience in politics; experienced disabled campaigners and experienced interpreters, who all feel passionately about this issue. 

The reason we set up this campaign was because we felt Deaf people weren’t being represented. Deaf organisations that were traditionally voice organisations lack the capacity to campaign. It is important that the Deaf community and interpreting profession work together. Deaf people must have access to qualified interpreters, who are impartial and have received proper training.

This is a really important cause, If you’re not familiar with the details, here is some more information: AtW incurs no cost to the taxpayer. The income received in tax and NI from both the disabled person and their support worker exceeds the amount being spent. Despite this Deaf people are having their AtW budgets reduced. There is no justification for these changes that are being implemented.

Deaf people need the flexibility to meet the demands of their work: They are the experts in their own access needs!

Disabled people are also being affected and their support is also being cut, which is why we are now working with DPAC, and have disabled members in our steering committee: to support as many people as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!

If you are having problems with Access to Work and wish to complain it might be helpful to look at the http://www.DeafATW.com website. This is useful to any AtW user, not only Deaf people.

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