AtW Guidance

To ensure everyone has this and it is easy to find, this is the link to the guidance that has been made available on the governments website:

Click to access access-to-work-guide.pdf

  1. Have the people who draft these things bothered to check them? Look at paragraphs 124 and 126, they point out that if someone is doing Supported permitted work, or permitted work at the higher level then they can continue this work indefinitely – then the last bullet of each paragraph says ” Customers on Permitted Work Higher Limit, Supported Permitted Work and Permitted Work Limited Capability for Work Related Activity are eligible for Access to Work. Support will be limited to a maximum of 52 weeks in line with Permitted Work Higher Limit time rules. After a 52 week break, customers can re apply for Access to Work support for a further 52 weeks. Every 52 weeks of support must be followed by a 52 week break. This can continue indefinitely.”

    So this mandatory break is not in line with the time limit rules – and it would mean that someone on supported permitted work would either have to give up work every other year – or manage without support (and surely they wouldn’t be asking for help from access to work if they could!)

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