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  1. HI, do you have a ‘standard’ reply, if people ask why we are marching?
    Do you have a list of reasons why we are marching that can be used, so everyone saying same thing?

    • 5 reasons why we are marching:

      1. Access to Work (AtW) provides the practical support that Deaf and disabled people need to work. It is being cut. This means that many Deaf and disabled people can’t work.

      2. AtW brings money into the economy. For every £1 spent, the scheme brings in £1.48. It makes us/the Treasury better off!

      3. The government says it wants to “make work pay”, yet without this support, Deaf and disabled people will be unable to do our jobs. Whether we are teachers, farmers, factory workers or architects, we all need access to our work.

      4. The Government’s “Disability Confidence” campaign is bringing back a glass ceiling and creating unskilled jobs for Deaf and disabled people who, with Access to Work at its previous levels, were progressing in careers that we were trained and skilled in.

      5. Deaf and disabled people want to work – don’t cut the support we need to do this!

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