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Stop Changes To Access To Work Campaign Video(s)

This is the first of our campaign videos. At the end, you will see others in this series that you can watch and also a link to sign the petition.

Please send this video out to your MPs, organisations, and individuals!

We hope you enjoy it, but more importantly that you will share it and help spread the word 😀

Governments Disability Confident Roadshow

We were very interested to see this coverage of the governments Disability Confident Roadshow on ITN this week.  What was particularly interesting was the lack of publicity surrounding this. The cynics amongst us, might think that the government didn’t want disabled people using the opportunity to lobby.

The governments rhetoric (message) does not match their actions.  In the news item, the government continually says that their aim is to support as many disabled people as possible, and that they are trying to achieve fairness (!!).

ITN interviewed Tracey Lazard from Inclusion London (who are one of our supporters), who was able to give the bigger picture for disabled people.  She described the situation as “bleak”.

Also interviewed was Deaf businessman Jeff McWhinney. It was shocking to hear him explain that he was now in a position where he was unable to manage his own company! He has employed a hearing manager.  We believe this is due to the fact that he is unable to access critical meetings and events, thereby having a detrimental affect on his company.

Finally, Liz Sayce was interviewed.  We strongly disagree with her views, as we believe that these are giving the government an excuse for their current actions. She stated that employers need to accept more responsibility. During the Roadshow, Andy Green from DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts), spoke out.  He raised the point that even with Access to Work support for the past fifteen years, employers have not changed their practices.  Making employers liable to fund disabled peoples support, whilst barriers in the employment market still remain, is unrealistic and unworkable.

Unfortunately, during the roadshow, the 38 Degrees website went down temporarily. It was only down for a short time and is now back up and running…

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