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BSL Submissions to Work & Pension Select Committee Inquiry

BSL users are able to submit to the Work & Pensions a Select Committee inquiry in BSL. The deadline for BSL submissions is Friday 1st August.

Watch BSL clip here.

The clip doesn’t have to be translated (although it asks for an English translation if possible). If you are going to send in a BSL clip contact:

Or telephone: 020 7219 4835

This is just to help parliament prepare for the number of translations needed.

Video submissions need to be emailed to:



Stop Changes To Access To Work Campaign Video(s)

This is the first of our campaign videos. At the end, you will see others in this series that you can watch and also a link to sign the petition.

Please send this video out to your MPs, organisations, and individuals!

We hope you enjoy it, but more importantly that you will share it and help spread the word 😀