Twitter storm

Please see some suggested tweets below. Just copy and paste these and tweet them during our parliamentary event between 4 – 6pm on Tuesday 24th October 2017. Or, you can write your own, remember to use the hashtag #BarrierstoWork.

Deaf and disabled people’s employment is being placed at risk! Access to Work has become a barrier. @DWP #BarrierstoWork 

We just want to be able to work and fulfill our full potential. Isn’t that what the government wants? @DWP #BarrierstoWork

I have career ambitions too! Access to Work has become a barrier. @DWP #BarrierstoWork

#BarrierstoWork are making me ill. @DWP

#BarrierstoWork are placing my job at risk. Access to Work needs to listen to Deaf and disabled people! @DWP

I am the expert in my access needs! #BarrierstoWork @DWP

How can we be #DisabilityConfident when Access to Work is causing #BarrierstoWork? @DWP

‪Why has the @DWP put up a glass ceiling? Access to Work helped us smash through it, now changes to the scheme have created #BarrierstoWork

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